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Old November 27th, 2012, 11:18 PM
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Convert Presentations to Images & Extract Text from Images Using Saaspose APIs

Saaspose has been quite successful in getting popular among mobile and web developers due to its useful collection of features for document processing. These APIs support different kinds of document processing and management tasks for MS Word documents, presentations, worksheets and images through web or mobile applications in the cloud.While processing your presentations you may come across scenarios where you need to convert the presentations to images using Saaspose.Slides and recognize text from images using Saaspose.OCR.

Saaspose.Slides is a REST API that allows you to create, modify and convert presentations in the cloud whereas Saaspose.OCR is a REST API for optical character recognition and document scanning. Using these two REST APIs you can work with conversion of presentations and text recognition from images. Using Saaspose.Slides, you can convert presentations to different file formats such as images, worksheets etc. You can save a particular slide as image with default size or you may choose to save the slide as image with specified size. You can upload the presentation to Saaspose Storage using Saaspose REST API and can convert the uploaded file to images using Saaspose.Slides REST examples. You can also directly convert the presentations on your local system using Saaspose.Slides REST API and SDKs without saving the file to Saaspose Storage.

Using Saapose.OCR REST API, you can recognize text from these images and save to the database.You can also recognize the font attributes from extracted text such as font type, font style and font size through Saaspose.OCR. It supports to recognize a collection of characters from images in different languages like English, French, and Spanish. For more information, please refer to Saaspose.Slides and Saaspose.OCR documentation. Saaspose.Slides is a platform independent API and you can process your presentations in any language across any platform. Saaspose.OCR recognizes a collection of characters from the extracted text and supports different programming languages support for optical character recognition and text extraction from images files. Using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can easily achieve quality results of conversion of slides to images and character recognition.

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